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How I prepare for NaNoWriMo-Camp July 2017

The next NaNoWriMo-Camp is approaching fast. Last time I participated, I decided to do so very spontaneously. I had no concept of what I wanted to write and no real ideas on how the story could evolve. This time I am a bit more prepared. In the last few days I have started to plan and flesh out the story I am working on. It is still the same one I worked on in April. But this time, it has a bit more structure to it.
So here is how I prepare for NaNoWriMo-Camp:

  1. I sit down an review what I liked about my method/ story/ approach in the last Camp. I have done this in a previous post. After this reflection I started to brainstorm on how I could improve.  The main aspect that bothered me was, that I felt like I did not know the world and the characters. I was afraid that they would not be distinctive form each other if even I did not know them. Same goes for the world. I wanted to create a world inspired by ours but a bit different. If I didn't know what different means in this instant how could it translate properly into the story?
  2. With those aspects in mind I went to Pinterest. I'm usually not a big fan of the site, but I saw Alwyn Hamilton recommend it on her Twitter. It really helped. Even though I knew how the characters looked liked in my head, it was good to see pictures "of them". I also was able to narrow the world design in. When I first started, I wanted a story with a lot of travel and adventure, with lots of different cultures and lands. This is still part of the story, but I managed to get a better grab on the most "important" cultural inspirations for the project. While browsing Pinterest and pinning the pictures I felt were fitting to the story, a colour palette emerged. Interestingly it differs from the one I had first in mind for the story. While working on the Pinterest-Board I slowly got more and more exited, it was starting to feel like the story in my head was coming to life. If you are interested in what I pinned down for the story have a look here: Pinterest-Board: Der Uhrenturm

  3. After the looks of the story were a bit clearer, I went on to Spotify to make a playlist. This went quite smooth because I already knew what type of music I wanted support the emotional feeling the story is carrying. If you want to listen to it: Spotify Playlist: Der Uhrenturm

  4. With the playlist playing in the background I started to develop the world. And what better way to do so than to drawing a map?  

    The bones of the map came together fast, but the details took some time. I still need to come up with names for all the countries and cities. But so far I am quite happy to have a small concept at least. The world I am building is far bigger that the story will be. With is something that I always look for in the books I read. I think that a fully realized world is a solid foundation for every story. 
  5. Next I started working on the character sheets. I printed out the pictures that fit to the ideas in my head and started doing something like a friendship book entry for everyone of them. I' not finished with this step yet. But so far the characters are coming to life. I am also working on timelines for each of them, so that the stories fit together and there won't be any polt holes. I am also trying to figure out the plot exactly. I don't think that I will finish that before the Camp starts but I at least want to have the key-scenes down until then.
  6. Now we move on to the steps that I want to take before July comes around. If you participate in NaNoWriMo, or any related event, then you will get emails with writing prompts to help you develop your characters and their world. If you do not want to participate, they also post them on their Facebook-Page. I have written a few of them down and want to write them in the next days. I also want to draw some scenes, just to get a better feeling for the way I want the story to "look". 
  7. To get my motivation game strong, I bought a few books. Well if I am being honest I just wanted a reason to buy books. But I think it is very important to reward yourself. So after July I am allowed to read the books that I have picked up. Perfect motivation to write! (And also a good back up to get yourself out of a writing-block ;) )
As of right now I am so very exited to work on this project. I can not wait to learn more about this world, the characters and also about me. I am eager to know weather or not I will be able to  translate what's in my head onto the paper.
If you are woking on a project this NaNoWriMo-Camp, let me know! What did you do to prepare? Did this tipps helped you ?
Thank you for reading this :) 

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