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July Wrap-Up

 And just like that, another month is over in a blink of an eye. This past month has been very eventful for me. I participated in the NaNoWriMo-Camp, went on a lot of weekend trips, completed my fourth semester at university and currently I am writing this form a bench in Sweden. In between all of that I also managed to read a few books. Not as many as I'd liked to, but in the end thats not that important. And now, without further ado: My July Wrap-Up.

The Shadow and Bone- Trilogy by Leigh Bardurgo

Ever since I read Six of Crows I wanted to read Shadow and Bone. Then the Box set was on sale on amazon, I took that as a sign and bought it. I read the three books on three consecutive days. I was blown away.

The Trilogy takes place in Bardurgos "Grishaverse". This time in Rakva, an Russian inspired country ruled by an aging king and deeply in war with seemingly everyone. Rakva is divided into two halves by the mysterious Shadow Fold. A dark Fog inhabited by cruel creatures eating everything they come across. In this world steps Alina Stakov. A jung soldier girl hopelessly in love with her childhood fiend    

 When they are ordered to pass through the Shadow Fold her best friend is heavily injured, seeing him almost die sparks something in Alina. And from one moment to the next the lonely orphan girl the one of the most powerful Grisha ever to have lived. The legendary Sun-Summoner. Counterpart to the Darkling the ruler of the Grisha Army.
Alina is send to the capital to learn to control her powers and help the Darkling defeat the Shadow Fold.
But something is not quite right. Although the Darkling is as charming as he is mysterious, Alina finds herself longing for her best Friend.  Then Alina must decide: Shall she do as she is told, or should she follow her guts and risk a civil war?

Overall I really liked this series. Each installment topped the last one and the story had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I also really liked the characters and their development. The one negative thing I have to say is, that the second book Siege and Storm and the first half of Ruin and Rising felt a bit hopeless while reading. I am not the biggest fan of the: "Oh we have a plan- Plan gets shattered- New Plan- gets shattered again- etc."- trope and the second book relied heavily on that.

It was very interesting to read Bardugos debut-novel after reading Six of Crows. Everything that I loved about Six of Crows is already there, but not as refined as in her later books. One can see her growth as an author.

I gave Shadow and Bone 5/5, Siege and Storm 4.5/5 and Ruin and Rising 4.5/5 Stars. This is a great YA- series and in my eyes a must read for all genre lovers.

A darker Shade of magic by V.E. Schwab

The next book I read was on my TBR for quite some time. I am very glad to have finally read it.

A darker Shade of Magic is the fist installment of a Trilogy. The story takes place in a world were alternative universes exist. There used to be a time where the doors between the world were open and there was a connection between the  four wolds (red London, Grey London, White London and Black London). Then the magic in Black London went rouge and the worlds isolated themselves from each other. Now only the Antari, a rare type of humans, can open paths between the worlds. One of the two main characters is Kell one of the two remaining Antaris in all the worlds. He is in service for the red London royalty. For them he communicates with the other worlds. Kell has a secret, he is also a smuggler one hobby that will cost him dear as he is tricked in smuggling an artifact form Black London to his home of Red London. To clean up the deadly mess he made of his home, he takes on help by Lila an seemingly ordinary thief from Grey London. Together they try to right the wrong that Kell has done.

I absolutely loved this book. Schwabs writing stile is so unique and different. Her way of building the story and characters is truly marvelous. I can not wait to read the next books in the trilogy!
I gave the book 5/5 stars.

What have you read this month? Let me know! 
Thank you so much for reading!             

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